Dharma Talks: Free Audio

Enjoy these FREE Two-Part Dharma Talks from Women’s Winter Retreats at Holy Wisdom Monastery with Mare Chapman
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2017 Cultivating Our Brave and Fearless Hearts

Part 1: Exploring Fear

This talks explores the landscape of fear in order to understand it more deeply and remind us how Buddhist teachings and mindfulness can help us relate to it wisely so we’re less afraid of it. 42:17 minutes 15 Dec. 2017

Part 2: Building the Heart’s Resilience

This talks explores how we can cultivate courage to remain stable when fear arises, and ways we can nourish our brave hearts so we can live more joyfully with fear as our companion. 40:45 minutes 16 Dec. 2017

2018 Deepening Our Trust in Ourselves

Part 1: Staying on Our Own Side

40:28 minutes 14 Dec. 2018

Part 2: The Healing Power of Compassion

42:17 minutes 15 Dec. 2018

Building Our Brave

Part 1: The Middle Way and Three Practice Questions

42:24 minutes 13 Dec. 2019


Part 2: Exploring Courage and Vulnerability

45:37 minutes 14 Dec 2019

2021 Winter Retreat

The Wisdom of Letting Go  11 Dec. 2021  33:17 minutes

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