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With astounding clarity Chapman identifies “othering” as internalized gender conditioning, which creates disempowering beliefs that cause women to doubt their own worth and lose themselves in relationships. Based on decades of study, this is an intimate journey exploring mindfulness as a powerful practice aimed at transforming these patterns. Chapman encourages compassionate insight, connection with authentic self, and respect for inner authority. The ultimate destination is unshakeable confidence: the deep, stable, inner trust to handle whatever is happening in life—from the awful and unbearable to the outrageously amazing and wonderful.

This book couldn’t be more timely: it’s more important than ever for women to be brave, to heal, and step beyond the limits of gender conditioning in the patriarchy.  It’s time to take full responsibility to empower ourselves and be as big as we can be – for the benefit of all. That’s why I wrote this book.” says Chapman.

This warm and practical book explores the ways women lose themselves in relationships and shows how they can regain connection with their true selves through mindfulness. The book is beautifully designed to follow Chapman’s popular nine-week meditation class that trains the mind, heart, and body. It builds on “Ownwork” practices the reader can use in formal meditation sits, or informally, in daily moments like sitting in the car or waiting in line. Each chapter includes easy-to-follow Check-Ins and actionable Practice sections leading the reader toward gentle yet unflinching connection with one’s own direct experience.

UNSHAKEABLE CONFIDENCE is a book for every woman
• it’s about giving yourself loving kindness.
• it’s about gaining self-confidence through mindfulness meditation.
• it’s about finding steadfast, unshakeable, authentic, lasting change through practice.
• it’s about anchoring yourself in the midst of gender-conditioned ‘shoulds’.
• it’s about Mare being right there with you, cheering you on every step of the way!

Mare Chapman presenting in Milwaukee, at Boswell Books